Why Tanzania is the perfect destination for family vacation

Choosing Tanzania as your next vacation destination as you planning to travel with your family is the perfect decision. The magnificence of the Serengeti plains, the grandeur of Ngorongoro Crater would certainly remain breath-taking even minus the extraordinarily large number of animals you will watch in these destinations, however, a safari to Tanzania is a mixture of wildlife plus the stunning natural beauty which make Tanzania a truly rewarding and amazing destination to visit.

There isn’t a thing that can ever prepare you for the very first look at a lion hunting its prey, or a big elephant herd drinking from the watering holes. The scattered acacia trees offer a beautiful background to the elegant giraffes as they feed on the higher branches or to the awkward rhinos as they eat the low shrubs. In addition, Leopards, wildebeests, zebras plus buffaloes, all live here, along with a wide variety of species of smaller mammals, deer plus birds. The terrain rises into a rocky escarpment of the breathtaking Great Rift Valley and then the unique snow-covered peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro; you will see forests, alkaline lakes, jungles, beaches surrounded by palms, grassy plains, as well as the great Indian Ocean that offer the best atmosphere for your holiday.

Why take the kids?

Certainly, the kids will love everything on a family safari to Tanzania. It is extremely exciting and amazingly you will never see your children as silent as when the park ranger tells them to keep quiet because a group of lions is approaching the safari vehicle. The Kids will become speedily proficient at identifying the different wildlife species and especially at seeing the amazing ‘Big 5’ which includes lions, leopards, rhinos, buffalos, elephants. Adult vision easily seems second in place in comparison to the eagle eyes of the kids!

Safari in Tanzania

Visiting a Local Village in Tanzania as well is an amazing holiday experience whereby your children will get a chance to learn more about how the Africans live with their kids and how they survive in this trying continent.

When it comes to lodging facilities when you are on a safari in Tanzania, you will find that there are various lodging facilities including nice children-friendly facilities, which normally offer sizeable swimming pools. Generally, these include private cottages having a private verandah on which you can enjoy your privacy and immense in the beautiful night sky, in addition to the pleasant common areas.

Finally is Zanzibar, also known as the spice island that offers beautiful white sandy beaches as well as a melting pot of Indian, Arab, European plus African cultures. The island in addition is the perfect place to rest from at the end of your safari in Tanzania and be assured that the kids will be amazed.

Will all the children enjoy the safari?

According to experience children from 3 years and above will enjoy the safari however children below one year are as well happy, given that you are ready to combine taking photos of lions with singing lullabies! However, children between one and three are most likely not to find this type of holiday very interesting. Obviously, this will differ from child to child. For that reason, I recommend that as you are booking your safari, you inform your tour agent about these kids so that they can help you come up with an itinerary that will also be suitable for kids.