What you need to know about Tanzania’s Northern Safari Circuit

Tanzania’s Northern Circuit is well-known for probably the amazing wildlife experience in the region. Going on a safari in Tanzania is among the most memorable and exciting things any adventure lover would love to do. When you choose to visit Tanzania for a safari, this destination will make you need to return over and over to this incomparable destination. The northern circuit of Tanzania is home to the unmatched Serengeti plains, the amazing and remarkable Ngorongoro Crater, and numerous other beautiful wildlife parks and game reserves. This whole of the north hosts a variety of wildlife, the good to beat all being the last extraordinary annual migration left on our planet, where millions of animals are across the northern reaches of this vast country.

The best way to explore Tanzania’s northern circuit always depends on your personal preference and budget. This amazing area is best explored by a 4×4 safari vehicle which you can hire from the many car rental agencies and tour companies in the country. In case your budget permits you, you can join this with a flying safari to have a chance to explore more remote areas.

When it comes to safari accommodations, Tanzania offers a combination of stylish private camping concessions, stylish tented campsites, or luxury mobile camping.

In case you would love to explore the remote, less visited, and off-the-beaten safari destinations of Tanzania, the most perfect way is by flying to the remote reaches where the roads almost don’t exist. These parks host amazing campsites and safari lodges – once in the while being the only campsite in about a million hectares.

Wildebeest Migration in Serengeti Kenya

In the event that the wildebeest migration to the Serengeti is high on your itinerary, a luxury-tented mobile safari is a perfect option for you. Generally, it is frequently mandatory to travel to a localized starting point for this type of game safari.

To give an estimate guide on a safari cost – the differences in quality, distance, and luxury are directly related to the cost. For instance, a private 4×4 Land Cruiser safari vehicle, having nights in good quality lodges, will cost around $500 per person per night.

A flying tour, spending nights in mid-rage priced campsites will cost something like $800 per person. These camps are awesome and fixed in one area, albeit some in the Serengeti are luxury and semi-mobile camps. Mobile tented camps are organized exclusively for itineraries and are probably extremely expensive than permanent campsites.

No strolling (with a couple of exceptions) is permitted in the northern parks of Tanzania and the game driving is done inside a closed-sided safari car. Walking is done is in specific concession regions, like around Klein’s Camp, outside the Serengeti Reserve borders, and in the Ngorongoro Crater Highlands. Oliver’s Camp, in the Tarangire wilderness, offers amazing strolling safaris with a chance of camping park area overnight. Likewise, Western Kilimanjaro offers strolling tours with Maasai guides in the private concessions on the Tanzania and Kenya border.